History of Social Media

The first seed of what can be considered as social network was planted in 1971 sending e-mails through two computers that were side by side. Later in 1978, BBS (Bulletin Board System) was exchanged through telephone lines with other users.


On 2018, 31% of the world’s population were active users of social networks, which means the impressive number of 2,307 billion people. Active users of social networks in mobile environments were already on the 27% what make this more amazing 


The rise of social media and networking has made it faster and easier to access information around the world, small amount of information make it easier for people to read and communicate to others.

From a post on Instagram, an update in Facebook or a simple tweet we can immediately be made aware of different issues anywhere in the world.

Social Media became a powerful tool to rise awareness and an excellent way to communicate an idea 


Social Media has given everybody who chooses to have the opportunity to tell their stories online and get opinions or make opinions in a massive way

Companies started to use influencers in order to promote their products and increase their sales.


How people become social media influencer?

Just making regular posts about a topic on their SM channels and generating a large number of followers, enthusiastic engaged people who pay close attention to their views. In few words is a Social Media user that created credibility in a specific industry.


Brands love influencers

I cannot say that few industries want to have influencers because all industries are interested to have influencers in order to increase their sales and get more leads

The most popular verticals among influencers a in 2017 to 2018 were

Fashion 78%

Apparel 36%

Food and Beverage 25%

Beauty 23%

Fitness 7%

Retail 4%

Travel and Hospitality 2%

Finance 1%

Technology 1%


Sponsored post on Instagram.

Spending for influencers marketing in 2017?

An amount of 21.7 million dollars for sponsored posts and 2 billon dollars spent in influencer marketing



The term “influencer marketing” increased by 325% in Google Searches over 2017. Making this the quickest growing online acquisition method of that year


Predictions on 2017 were this trend was going to continue as roughly two- thirds of marketing departments were expecting to invest an average of $25.000 to $50.000 into multifaceted influencer campaigns on 2017 to 2018 

On 2018 Instagram influencer marketing reached 5.67 billon U.S dollars and influencer DB projected that the figure will further grow to 8.08 billon by the end of 2020.

Publication date: 2019-09-03 14:15:29

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