What is Machine Learning?

When we start talking about Machine Learning we are also talking in our case about Social Media, the data that is collected in Facebook or any other Social Media it is fed to the Machine, keywords and phrases help this to get feed permanently. 

  1. The data should be accurate, clear and from good source
  2. Accurate question, right answer
  3. Start working with algorithms 


  1. Do you want to predict a Category, for instance, where the stock price will increase or decrease? 

That is classification!!


  1. Do you want to predict the quantity?

For instance, predicting the age of a person based on the height, weight, health and another factors.

That is regression!!


  1. Do you want to detect an anomaly, for instance, you want to detect money withdrawal anomalies?

That’s anomaly detection!!


  1. Do you want to discover structure in unexplored data? 
  1.  Finding groups of customers with similar behaviour giving a large database of customer data containing their demographics and past buying records.
  2. Buying in the same shops, using certain style of shoes

That’s clustering!!


This information helps Marketers predict what we are going to buy

I hope this blog gives more information about Machine Learning, please contact us if you have any further questions. Thanks!!

Publication date: 2019-05-14 09:14:57

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