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Nine out of every 10 companies use social media for marketing purposes. Unfortunately, a very small percentage of them use it well.

We’ve seen manufacturing companies use their social media accounts for everything from showing post of rugby and any other matters without building a concept and then after a strategy.

It is not only about of opening a Social Media Account, there is a world there that must be follow and guide from experts to target the Right audience and build a Database crossing data in between the Companie Accounts.

The truth is, when done right, social media can help you increase your website traffic, establish stronger connections with customers, and drive leads and revenues.

What Channels are best for marketing my Manufacture Company?

The Internet opened two marketing channels for both B2B and B2C companies, the ones that will work best depends in every business model and goals. Talking about Industrial, Companies need to be focus on the channels introducing them in viable prospects, but also generate interest and enable communication.

This mix of channels will depend on Company Especialización and marketing.

Artificial Intelligence Vs. Manufacturing Industrials

Artificial intelligence is not only significantly saving time during the manufacturing process, it’s also improving product quality and employee safety. Algorithms are now being used but to predict asset failures is the cause of 42 percent of this unplanned downtime that once were once executing repetitive tasks are now making cognitive-like decisions based on available data.

So it comes to no surprise that the usage of Al in manufacturing also extends beyond the shop floor to the Marketing department. And this presents industrial sector businesses with a number of growth and service opportunities.

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