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Intelligence that drives value! What is the Impact of AI Automation?

Until Recently there were things that we could automate with computers Artificial Intelligence was born digital with Amazon, Google and Netflix.

Machine Learning is based in algorithms that can learn from data without relying on rules-based programming.

In 1990’s scientists after looking the advances of the digital world started to train computers to do the job that in the past was done in a model that no logger was suitable for the needs of the users.

The unmanageable volume and complexity of the big data have increased the potential of the machine learning and the need of it.

Machine learning is not learning in human sense, what it does really well is relentlessly chewing through any amount of data and every combinations and variables.

Even simple things that we do not even imagine are managed with AI.

How AI is changing the Social Media?

With an estimate of 2.77 billion social network users around the globe social network platforms has an immense amount of data.

The reach of Social Media Networks is expanding at an alarming rate around the globe this year 2019.

This figures will continue grow, Social Media provides a phenomenal amount of user-generated data.

Due to the nature and that amount of data which is mainly unstructured it became very difficult to work within Intelligent Platforms.

This is the role where AI comes intoplay, it is actually meant to enhance intelligence analysing data improving the processes to work in a high efficiently manner.

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